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Posted 08/06/10
Client of private investigator charged with stalking wanted sex info

GREELEY, CO. – The client of a private investigator charged with stalking after following the client’s estranged wife  told his wife he knew where she had been and then asked her whether she was having sex with anyone else, the estranged wife told the police officer investigating the matter.

Forty-five-year-old Jeffrey Scott Schudel of Denver faces one count of stalking in the case, and the private investigator – Timothy Stitt of Greeley – faces two. All the charges are felonies.

Details of the police investigation are contained in an affidavit for warrantless arrest filed in the case, written by LaSalle, Colorado, policeman David L. Miller, Jr.

Schudel and his estranged wife – Shantele Sherman – are in a dispute over the custody of their son.  Officer  Miller writes  in his affidavit that Sherman called police from her LaSalle residence on July 19 to say that while she was visiting a friend in Denver,  her estranged husband called her and told her that he’d spent “a lot of money to know her whereabouts.” He then gave her specific dates and times of where she’d been. He then asked her if she was having sex with anyone else. The affidavit doesn’t indicate whether Sherman answered that question.

Sherman also gave the officer an email from Schudel in which Schudel wrote that he’d “spent a lot of money to investigate what you do” and that he’d been “successful.” Calling the people who he said have financed his investigation “these folks,” Schudel wrote in the email that "These folks will spend whatever it takes to monitor your parenting. Where they’re from, parents don’t make the choices you make. So, if it takes three months or three years, people will be watching how you care for our son.”

Officer Miller wrote that Sherman said she was “very upset and felt threatened.” Sherman said her friend suggested they check her vehicle for a GPS device. They found one. Sherman then went home and called police. 

Officer Miller then called Sherman’s estranged husband Schudel, who told him he’d hired a private investigator to follow Sherman and “find out what she was up to.” Miller wrote that Schudel refused to give him the name of the investigator, but said he would have the investigator call him.

Stitt, who told the Denver Private Investigator Blog that he’s been a private investigator, a reserve police officer and has served papers for a sheriff’s department over the past 16 years, called Officer Miller and said he’d  been following Sherman for about two weeks at Schudel’s request, but had had trouble tailing her. So he “snuck up” on her vehicle while it was parked in front of her residence and placed a GPS device on it.

Officer Miller writes that Stitt told him his client knew about his use of the GPS device and had authorized it. He said Schudel paid him $300 to place the device on the vehicle.

A warrant has been issued for Schudel’s arrest; bond is set at $5,000. His attorney – Scott Nelson – declined comment.

Stitt was arrested July 19 and has been released on $10,000 bond. His next court date is August 16.